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I see clients for face-to-face psychotherapy in London SE1, the London Bridge area. Online therapy sessions are also available via Zoom. 

Who I See

Adults aged 18+ for individual psychotherapy. 


Sessions are 50 minutes and scheduled weekly, unless otherwise arranged. At the start of therapy, the weekly commitment is therapeutically important. On occasion, towards the end of the therapy contract, a more flexible arrangement might be possible with a biweekly or monthly arrangement.

Typically, I see a client at the same time/day each week - if you book in with me, that is your reserved slot. If I have capacity, I will be more flexible when asked, but I cannot promise this and it will depend on availability of sessions each week.  

It can take a bit of time to settle into the therapy process, so I generally recommend starting with 6 sessions. Beyond that, I am used to working with clients who opt for different arrangements. I can offer a time-limited contract (e.g. 6 -12 sessions) or an open end contract which can extend into months or years, with regular intermittent reviews. It largely depends on what you want and need. Some people want therapy to focus on one issue that can be addressed over several weeks. Others come to incorporate sessions into their weekly schedule. Each approach has its own benefits. It's worth bearing in mind that if an issue is deep seated, time can be needed to see lasting change in thoughts, feelings and life. Then I recommend beginning with the 6 initial sessions to see how it feels talking with me, before we review to make a shared plan going forward.


The initial telephone consultation is free, with no obligation to book sessions. The standard fee thereafter is £95 per 50 minute session for online therapy, or £100 per 50 minute session for face-to-face therapy. Payment is payable in advance by bank transfer. Capacity allowing, concessionary rates are available. 

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