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About Psychotherapy

How Psychotherapy helps - isn't it just talking?

If you are new to therapy, you may want to know how it is different from talking to a friend. My answer is that the process and experience are not the same. I am here to listen, and I mean really listen to what you are going through, without any preconceived ideas about who you are and what you have been going through. To encourage reflection, I am also here to ask the right kind of questions, in the right way and at the right time.


Your sessions are your space, without interruption from outside pressures or distractions. This time can feel rare and special in today's busy world, and it creates a unique kind of focus and rhythm for dialogue. We can really tune into what comes up for you as you talk. No subject is off limits. I am here to engage with whatever is on your mind. In this process of talking, you will come to understand yourself and your situation better. When this happens feelings can shift, grief can flow, healing can occur, and change can unfold.


Psychotherapy helps:

  • Provide deeper insight into what you are going through 

  • Process and reframe negative experiences 

  • Bring to light destructive patterns of thought and behaviour

  • Clarify the connection between your past and present

  • Identify your wants, needs and values

  • Increase self-awareness and strengthen resilience 

  • Open up new possibilities for living

Who is Psychotherapy for?

The simple answer is everyone. There are many reasons you might come to therapy: perhaps a relationship broke down, or you feel trapped in one; perhaps people always treat you badly and you don't know why; perhaps an unexpected crisis or loss has occurred; perhaps you have a complicated dynamic with a parent and you want resolution; perhaps you live with an illness that complicates life; perhaps you have carried the burden of a destructive secret for years; perhaps your anxiety is really bad at the moment; perhaps you are the life and soul of the party but are inwardly depressed; perhaps old issues have resurfaced; perhaps the guilt of what has been said and done is now too much; perhaps life isn't working out as you hoped; perhaps you are not living life as you want.

You might feel alone and isolated in what you are experiencing right now, but rest assured, you not alone in considering therapy. It can be a positive step forwards. I am here, and can offer non judgemental, confidential support. 

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